Year 1 2023 - 2024

Mr Strachan

Which adults work in the classroom?

Mr Strachan
Miss Parkington (TA)
Miss Murray (TA)

Which days will my child need their PE kit?

Monday AM – Dance with Coach Niamh

Wednesday PM – Mr Strachan

How is homework organised?

Homework is now focused solely on reading. A Reading Planet book is levelled at your child’s Phonic ability and a shared read that will be used to develop a love of reading and engagement will be sent home every Friday. The shared read should be read with yourself and your child to model intonation and expression as well as challenge. Other homework may be sent home at Mr Strachan’s discretion to support learning if it is required.

What reading should may child be doing each week?
Your child should be reading five times per week. They have access to a Reading Planet book from Mr Strachan. These books may seem basic however Government guidance states that scheme books that the children read at home must not contain sounds that they are not familiar with or have not been taught yet. 

A shared read is given to promote a love of reading. This is not expected for your child to read the ‘shared read’ alone, it is more something that you can look at and discuss together. 

All reading, both children’s and shared, should be logged in their reading record. The children will receive a number of points for different levels of challenges found at the back of their reading record. Once your child reaches 100 points, they will be eligible for a book from our Reading Vending Machine.

What topics will my child be enjoying?

Autumn 1 – How am I making History? (History)

Autumn 2 – What is it like here? (Geography)

Spring 1 – How have toys changed over time? (History)

Spring 2 – What is the weather like in the UK (Geography)

Summer 1 – How have explorers changed the world? (History)

Summer 2 – What is it like to live in Shanghai?  (Geography)

How can I contact my class teacher?

Please telephone school to arrange an appointment for either a visit or a phone call.

Alternatively email the teacher – please note that emails will not be responded to after 5pm.

What trips/visitors will my child be doing?

There are no visits currently this half term. 

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

If you have a concern we encourage your first contact should be with the class teacher. However, should you have further concerns please contact Mr Bolton

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