Healthy Lunchbox

As a Healthy School, we encourage the children to eat healthily and make good food choices. The school lunches which we provide are in line with Lancashire CC recommendations for nutrition.

If your child has a packed lunch at dinner time, we would ask parents to support us by providing a packed lunch that is healthy and nutritious. We are therefore asking you to adhere to the following rules for provision of a healthy lunch for your child.

Healthy drink or drink water from school

No sweets or chocolate bars

A small cake or biscuit occasionally- for a treat

Provide a healthy sandwich/wrap/salad/ dip and breadsticks/soup in a flask

Provide a piece of fruit/carrot/cucumber sticks

Provide a yogurt/ fruit pot

A few crisps or similar snack, but not every day

We are aware how tricky it is to feed a child who may be a fussy eater, and want to help if we can. Thanks for your support and cooperation with this very important issue.