Which adults work in the classroom?

Mr Smith

Mrs Scott (TA)

Which days will my child need their PE kit?

Thursday and Friday

What reading should my child be doing each week?

Ideally your child should be reading their home reading book every night. If this isn’t possible, encourage your child to read as often as possible. Even though your child is in Year 6, please don’t stop reading to them either!

How is homework organised?

Homework is organised online and there will be a piece of literacy, reading and numeracy which is differentiated. There are also spellings to learn and some more activities that are provided on a homework grid which are linked with our topic.

How will spellings be sent home and what should I do with them?

Spellings will be given out reinforcing patterns or rules that are looked at in school. They may also include words of the statutory spelling list and be differentiated.

What topics will my child be enjoying?

Autumn 1 – Through the Decades. – PSHE, History, Art.

Autumn 2 – Dragons’ Den – DT, Computing

Spring 1 – Greeks – History, Geography,

Spring 2 – Key Skills

Summer 1 – Broadway Grand Prix – Science, DT, Geography

Summer 2 –  Olympics – PE, Art, PSHE

How can I contact my class teacher?

Please telephone school to arrange an appointment for either a visit or phonecall.

Alternatively email the teacher – please note that emails will not be responded to after 6pm.


What trips/visitors will my child be doing?

This term the children will be going to PGL.

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

If you have a concern we encourage your first contact should be with the class teacher. However, should you have further concerns please contact Mr Bolton head@broadway.lancs.sch.uk