Which adults work in the classroom?

Mr Hampson

Mrs Forshaw (TA)

Mrs Haliwell (TA)


Which days will my child need their PE kit?

Monday and Thursday

How is homework organised?

A topic homework grid will be sent home with your child and a copy will be displayed on the Google Classroom. Homework will be a combination of a topic grid tasks (where children can choose a selection of activities) and short maths/English tasks.

What reading should should my child be doing each week?

Please read as often as possible (aim for a minimum of four short 5-10 minute sessions per week) and try to read for enjoyment. It is very important to discuss the meaning of the vocabulary involved because it is surprising what a child presumes a word means. Please ask your child to explain why characters are acting in certain ways, what their emotions are at key points and encourage them to make predictions about the plot.

How will spellings be sent home and what should I do with them?

Spellings are currently displayed on Google Classroom and are a combination of age-expected spellings or very important vocabulary for the current topic or science. Spellings are tested weekly on Thursday morning and new words provided on Friday.

What topics will my child be enjoying?

What topics will my child be enjoying?

Vikings and Anglo Saxon Britain

How can I contact my class teacher?

Please telephone school to arrange an appointment for either a visit or phonecall.

Alternatively email the teacher – please note that emails will not be responded to after 6pm.


What trips/visitors will my child be doing?

No trips are currently planned but we will be having a theme day later in the term.

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

If you have a concern we encourage your first contact should be with the class teacher. However, should you have further concerns please contact Mr Bolton head@broadway.lancs.sch.uk