Which adults work in the classroom?

Mr Fowler

Mrs Connolly (TA)

Which days will my child need their PE kit?

Monday and Friday

How is homework organised?

Homework is now focussed around spellings, home reading and Numbots. All homework will be sent on a Friday and be returned the following Friday. Children will have an independent read and a shared read. The independent reading book needs to be heard every night if possible with the shared read being read once or twice. At other points in the half term optional homework and/or activities may be handed out but they will be given on paper. Please post pictures on Google Classroom or Twitter @broadwayprimary.

What reading should my child be doing each week?

Your child should be reading at least four times per week. They have access to an Independent reading book from the teacher and also a ‘Shared’ Reading book. The independent books may seem basic to parents but Government guidance states that books the children are reading cannot contain any sounds they do not know or have been taught. The shared read is given to promote reading for pleasure. I do not expect your child to read the ‘shared read’ alone, it is more something that you can look at and discuss together. Any reading that is completed needs to be entered on our online reading record system: Boom Reader

How will spellings be sent home and what should I do with them?

Spellings would be available on Friday. It is expected that they write each word out three times and the practise using ‘Look, Cover, Write, Check’. The children will also write three of the spellings in sentences. 

What topics will my child be enjoying?

Autumn termWhere do Owls Live? 

Our key texts in this are the Troll Swap by Leigh Hodgkinson (Autumn 1) and The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark by Jill Tomlinson (Autumn 2). 

Autumn 1 we look at animals including humans in our Science; comparing the UK to China in Geography; and drawing to make a scene in Art.

Autumn 2 we look at the basic needs of animals and offspring in Science; Gunpowder Plot and Bonfire Night in History; create a suitable ‘fat’ ball for an owl in DT; and identify the seven continents and five oceans to discuss where owls are found around the world.


Spring term What can we learn from events in the past? 

Our key texts in this are Dragon Machine by Helen Ward in Spring 1 and Major Glad, Major Dizzy by Jan Oke in Spring 2. 

Spring 1 we look at every day materials to think of how to build a machine in Science; we look at the Great Fire of London in our History; we look at the four countries and capitals of the UK as well as physical features and maps in Geography; we create a functional machine using a range of materials in DT; and we use painting techniques to create maps and landscapes that the dragons may travel over in Art.

Spring 2 we think about how a solid object can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching in Science; we look at World War Two and the Blitz in History; we will be trying to make our own moving toy in DT; and we will be making samplers and practising cross stitching too!


Summer term – How can we look after our environment and community?


Our key texts during this are The Last Wolf by Mini Grey and Grandad’s Secret Giant by David Litchfield.

Summer 1 and Summer 2 we look at plants and trees and how they need water, light and a suitable temperature to stay healthy in Science; and in History we look at significant historical events and how William Turner and his mills changed the local environment.


In Summer 1 we look at human and physical geography of the local environment in Geography; and in Art we will attempt to have a look at graffiti art.


In Summer 2 we will be recapping the capital cities and looking closely at their key geographical features; and in Art we will be creating a school/class mural.

How can I contact my class teacher?

Please telephone school to arrange an appointment for either a visit or phonecall.

Alternatively email the teacher – please note that emails will not be responded to after 6pm.


What trips/visitors will my child be doing?

No trips are currently planned this half term.

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

If you have a concern we encourage your first contact should be with the class teacher. However, should you have further concerns please contact Mr Bolton head@broadway.lancs.sch.uk