Sports Premium 2020/21

Membership to RST – £1150

Gymnastics Coaching Sessions – £1170 – CPD for Staff

Sports Coaching sessions – 14,820  – CPD for TAs

Lancashire PE App – £200

Total Spend = 15,310


This academic year we continued to use the Sports Premium to develop our staff knowledge and skill-set.  A substantial amount of money has been used for our Sports Coach. Teachers have provided feedback about the session and feel that they are now confident enough to provide sessions themselves. Obviously, with the impact of COVID, not every unit has been covered or observed by teaching staff therefore I will be monitoring teaching of PE closely next academic year. This does mean that we will be able to use the Premium money differently next academic year (2021/22).

The membership to RST has so far proven invaluable. Miss Moss and Mr Strachan have both been on CPD about the teaching of PE and how to assess and the resources that are being provided throughout lockdown are superb.  Each week we receive a challenge and a local walk to try and inspire the children to become more active. Teaching staff are currently trying to promote this during the current lockdown climate as we are aware that sedentary lifestyles are becoming more commonplace. CPD and resources/competitions are all included within the £1150 expenditure which make it a worthwhile cost for the school and the wider community as a whole.

The gymnastic sessions with Hayley have received fantastic feedback from the staff. Sessions are high tempo, skilful and enjoyable for all children to access. Her knowledge and expertise within gymnastics has helped develop our staff’s confidence and ability to teach gymnastic sessions and we are due to launch remote gymnastic sessions for the remainder of the current lockdown. We feel that continuing next year with the external gymnast coach is a priority as it is the unit that requires most specialist knowledge and expertise.

We also subscribed for the Lancashire PE app as this allows the school to have the latest schemes of work as well as being used as a fantastic tool to monitor and evaluate progress and attainment in PE. The app allows teachers and TAs to make judgments against a series of benchmarks for every individual lesson which will then form a ‘whole-picture’ approach for each unit in PE. It also gives teachers videos which model good outcomes. This will make moderation of pupil attainment a lot easier to see and audit.

Developments of PE for the future

With us no longer using Sports Coach in the 2021/22 academic year, we will be investigating the following for Broadway:

  • Investment into OPAL – to develop our playground and the way children play.
  • Wearable tech/innovative app called Moki which monitors and tracks children’s activity levels in and outside of school.
  • Booster sessions for swimming. We have obviously missed a lot of our swimming provision within the current COVID climate. I will need to investigate what can be done to try and help meet government requirements of children swimming at least 25m.
  • Overhaul of PE and playtime equipment. Broadway’s equipment is severely lacking for both curriculum-led PE and at playtimes. Without this, teachers will not be able to provide inspiring PE lessons for our children.

These next steps will be investigated over the duration of this academic year before being implemented into my action plan for the next academic year.