We are very proud of our curriculum at Broadway. We have spent a long time ensuring that it is tailored to the needs of our children. Each year children will be taught six topics – these are designed with the children’s interest in mind and not only focus on Literacy and Maths but also the Foundation subjects. We try and encourage as many visits and visitors as possible and ensure that we use the local area to enhance the topics further.


We follow the Lancashire Literacy Plans. These ensure that the children are taught a range of skills across many different genres. Alongside these, the class are also taught daily Guided Reading using a selection of Novels. All children work to achieving the Reading and Writing KLIPS for their year group.

Our Reading KLIPS

Our Writing KLIPS


We have begun our journey to changing our maths to the Mastery Approach and staff are currently developing their skills in teaching in this way. The children and staff are already seeing the benefit of teaching concepts differently. If you would like to ask any specific questions about Maths then please contact Mr Strachan.

WhiteRose Maths Curriculum

Broadway Skills Document – Foundation Skills

Broadway has it’s very own bespoke curriulum that guides teachers and parents to the many different learning opportunities that take place every year at Broadway. Within the Broadway Skills Document you will find an overview and the skills taught for each subject including Art, RE, History and Science. The document is reviewed each year to ensure that it still meets the needs of our children.


Broadway Skills Document 2021-22